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in gunge tanks, stocks, bondage and chains.

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Messy Swimsuit--Baywatch Style
Added 10/9/13    2146 views

Louise wears a red swimsuit and hot blonde wig. But little does she know that she's not going in a nice hot tub or chillin' by the seafront. There is no pool or hot tub here... Cue the rice pudding, baked custard pies, cream, foam and slime! Lou...

Michaela Gunges Herself in the Gunge Tank
Added 12/18/12    2094 views

It's the festive season and Michaela has been thinking about a gift for her loyal supporters. There is only one thing that springs to mind, much to Michaela's discomfort, but she thinks she should go ahead and gunge herself for her fans. Michaela's...

Ruby's Christmas Message
Added 12/17/12    1878 views

Ruby reads a little Christmas message from Messyworld but before she gets to the end, she is slimed and covered in glitter and festive confetti. First, a bucket of custard like yellow slime, followed by a thick bucket or orange followed by a very sl...

Hannah Tarred, Slimed and Coated in Washing Powder
Added 11/30/12    2353 views

Wearing nightwear, a purple strappy top and hotpants. Hannah is covered in a bucket of thick slime. Followed by a coating a thick 'tar-like' goo. She enjoys smothering the goo over her body and covers herself in the sticky, gloopy slime. She enj...

Trashed, Pied and Gunged in Pillory Chair Stocks
Added 10/29/12    4727 views

Michaela has her head, wrists and feet locked in the pillory system. The pillory is a chair with stocks to hold the ankles in place and for the head and wrists positioned in an upright position forcing the victim to look straight into the gunge. Wh...

Jenny's Messy Script Reading Test.
Added 10/29/12    1992 views

Meet Jenny, she is a model and event presenter. Thanks to one of her friends getting in touch, we booked her to read a short script talking about our site. However, we had no intention of her actually getting to the end. She is wearing a semi-form...

Hannah Gunged in Her Prom Dress
Added 10/24/12    3461 views

The Summer Prom... Hannah is in her prom dress but rather than sat in a limo waiting to be taken to the ball she is sat under the gunge tank waiting to get very messy. She wears a sparkly long red prom dress, black cardigan and designer earrings, a...

A Messy Night Out?
Added 7/31/11    5808 views

Ruby is ready to go on a night out with her friends. She is dressed, made up complete, and ready to go. But events quickly change, as for taking too long getting ready, she is gunged, pied, and doused in slime, covering her hair and make up and rui...

Bride Slimed in Her Wedding Dress
Added 7/30/11    2717 views

The beautiful blushing bride is gunged on her wedding day, it's always been a secret ambition to get gunged in her wedding dress, so we thought we would surprise her and let her have it wearing her expensive wedding outfit. Hair and Make up complete...

Pied and Slimed in Straitjacket
Added 7/11/11    3797 views

Ruby has arrived not knowing what's in store for her today. When a leather padlocking straitjacket is brought out, she giggles a nervous laugh, knowing this is going to be a tense and humiliating shoot. She is put in the straitjacket and locked up....

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